Pewdiepie Clutch Chair review 2020

The Throttle series of PewDiePie edition well-manufactured by the Clutch company had a price of $400 approximately. PewDiePie reviews this chair & he said that you might spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to your computer, $400 is nothing if you compare it to years of chiropractic & broken back that you can’t fix your back will stink at this your chair have lumber & neck support I don’t think so can your chair do this (showing the elasticity of turning this chair into bed) I don’t think so this thing is the goddamn a Lamborghini of the chairs. It’s not a chair it’s a life staff &I m so comfortably right now. The video of promoting his chair was posted on 15th November 2017. Although the chair is built with high-density foam that has just the right blend of softness & support. The chair has multiples features of keeping the body relax & fit. Now with the further up-gradation of the chair lets make the review of the latest model of PewDiePie clutch chair.

The review begins with the packaging box

The packing box of the clutch seems to be quite good with the logo of the T-series present on it. Everything minor thing is tightly packed with smooth materials inside the box. The main element is packed in plastic while tiny screws are packed in foam. The complete accessories are available in the box with a brilliant packaging materials. A review related to the packing box must be rated as good.

The Assembling review of PewDiePie Clutch Chair

As discussed earlier in the review of the packing box that tiny screws like bolts, Allen tools & a couple of extra tools that played an important role in the assembling process for better comfort & smoothness. The assembling process is quite easy & doesn’t seem to any complexity in tightening the bolts. During the assembling process in the arm sets, there seems to a minor issue of tilting the mechanism due to less space between the bolts. Overall the assembling process needs half an hour time to complete the process.

The Moveable Armrests

Now coming to the review of different features of Clutch chair. Make a start first by reviewing the 4D armrests that have the ability to adjustable & moved in all the directions. The right side of armrest has a smooth adjustment feature while the left armrest is a bit chunky & difficult to adjust. The review of PewDiePie Clutch Chair armrests is having positive reviews especially for the patients of back-pain that feel pretty much comfort & relax for its armrests.

The Review of Backrest

PewDiePie Merch Clutch chair has an impressive & comfortable backrest that a guy can be lying completely like a proper bed. The backrest contains the flat & easy surface providing proper strength to your back. From neck region to backbone, the quality of smoothness & relaxation to all over the body on the backrest is quite exceptional.

The Wider Seat

PewDiePie Clutch Chair of Throttle series having the wider seat with the additional advantage of getting higher & lower adjustments concerning precise body height. The rocking tension of the seat knob becomes very large & easy to use with having total control from the bottom. The wider seat seems to very comfortable with thinner padding gets an advantage to makes you closer at the backrest of the chair. There is a bar at the right of the back of the seat feels exactly while sitting on the chair. The review rating seems to be great.

The Review of Headrest

The pillows are in a great position contains the material of soft memory foam with great support to the neck. Your neck seems to be hugged to this foam while lying on the chair. The clips are great joined with the elastic strips through the holes. Your neck seems to be in a stable position by sitting for any time-gaining activity.

The Multiple Locks

PewDiePie Clutch Chair having a solid rocking lock with a great tension adjustment. These multiple tilted locking system having the astounding mechanism that helps your spines get comfortable & gives you pain relief while sitting.

The Review of Lumbar Support

The Clutch Chair got the large pillow uses elastic straps that wrap around the back of the chair. In the case of the arm sets the combo of astounding mechanism along with lumbar support are all fantastic with a visible bar that goes flat when you try to scoot back to get support. You’ll find the difficulty for getting the support at the first attempt which is a critics review of PewDiePie Clutch Chair.

The review of Quality of overall elements

The rating of the quality of the overall elements is good & durable expect the plastic covers that used to hide backrest bolt. It doesn’t match with the best quality like other elements. You’ll find the pin-drop silence while sitting on the chair so this not a kind of chair that produced a distorted noise. The stitching around the logo, curved parts, and in the middle of the backrest area is quite brilliant with clean & tight stitches. There is no sign of defects at base & material is purely made of metal of black color. Although having the ideal size of wheels but it didn’t seem to be a smooth move on the carpet surface.

The Final Verdict

The final verdict of the PewDiePie Clutch Chair of Throttle Series of 2020 is excellent with the just lacking of two or three flaws in the quality of the material.  The rating assumed to be 8.5 out of 10. This is a proper gaming chair but I didn’t see the button of moving arm sets at back & forward. But overall the chair considers to be more comfortable & relax in all areas of staying body on it. The design & color combination of black & red reflects the beauty & personality of the YouTuber king, PewDiePie.

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