PewDiePie Minecraft Gameplay

Kjellberg, the legend of YouTuber the PewDiePie made the initial videos of Minecraft playthrough in which a zombie had spawned in a Minecraft. Later on, he uploaded a playthrough of Call of Duty: Black Ops, Amnesia.  During the initial phase of his career, he became quite famous enough for playing horror & action video games. His YouTube channel reached to upload the 14,000 videos till October 2011. That was a year when his number of fandom increases. The videos are included the playthrough of around 40 games & 40 amnesia custom series send by the fans. The channel had 60,000 subscribers in December 2011 & with the development of his success, the numbers reached about 1 million subscribers in July 2012. Within the two months, his popularity became double & PewDiePie reached to almost 2 Million subscribers. This was just a beginning & on the behalf of his popularity, he became the member of maker studios that was a real network of talented video makers that provides the resources, expertise, share & revenue with promotions & marketing. In August 2015, PewDiePie became the most subscriber channel in the world.

Minecraft A successful strength of PewDiePie

The PewDiePie success is genuine & real with the consistent success in terms of getting more subscribers on YouTube, all tend to happen because of getting the unique taste of enjoying the gameplay of Minecraft of PewDiePie by the audience. The Minecraft gameplay brought the package of a successful strength in the career of PewDiePie especially in the years of 2016-2017. In the middle of 2016, his Minecraft gameplay videos getting a huge spike that pulling his YouTube networking with the addition of more than 570 million views. At the beginning of 2017, Minecraft has bettered the Fortnite as the most search game of YouTube. Also, the Minecraft hoodie became the top trend that was quite famous with the title of the PewDiePie Merch.

PewDiePie Minecraft the cause of enrichment of active players

According to Microsoft, there is a great enhancement of active players of Minecraft. Behind this, there is a reason for YouTube creators like PewDiePie who devoting lengthy videos to the gameplay sessions makes 91 million monthly active users. Another star devotion of Minecraft Monday from YouTube creator Daniel Keemstar also on the list. This new era of interest in Minecraft left behind the popularity of Roblox. Microsoft owned games like Minecraft earth left behind the topper game Roblox after its release.

PewDiePie the top creator of Minecraft

According to Rob Wilson, the content strategist, PewDiePie emerges as the top creator of Minecraft gameplays. The Minecraft keyword got the pretty much high ranking on the YouTube. This credit goes mostly towards the success fame of PewDiePie. He raised the value of Minecraft as the keyword researcher although Pew Die has the most subscribers on his YouTube channel. He further wrote the Focused on the topic & delivered that to your audience with every single video you make as PewDiePie has embraced the most basic principle in the YouTube playbook. Although there is another competitor in the field of making Minecraft tournaments weekly, another YouTube creator Keemstar who driving traffic & interest of the people towards Minecraft but PewDiePie visibility is a major factor according to Wilson.

Minecraft is the financial future of PewDiePie

PewDiePie accepts having great fun with his Minecraft gameplays & also admits the Minecraft is the reason for securing many financial benefits to him in every video. Minecraft isn’t reached the number one spot of gaming on YouTube worldwide but also it is in the list of most advertiser-friendly games.

Dramatic Effectscial future of PewDiePie

Pew Die got so much fame & popularity throughout his entire career. But if there is a rise, the time of falls must come. He had a track record of making 105 million subscribers till now but there is a strong competitor of Pew Die T-series still in the market & beats his subscribers with 143millions subscribers. This subscribers battle with t-series puts Pew Die to launch the new modes of Minecraft gameplays. He launched the dramatic effects of the VidIQ tool to enhance his performance on YouTube. But at the beginning period, it showed the performance of the Pew Die video below verses the channel average. And the next day it shows the worst result. But when it reaches the 7th day, it reverses the trend & the performance was rising above the expectation. It became its value double after the completion of that month.

The big comeback of Minecraft in 2019

2019 year belongs to the year of Minecraft as PewDiePie approached the unique & interesting dramatic effects to make something new for his viewers. Minecraft seems to be an advertising favorite for top creators because it’s neither violent nor controversial. PewDiePie states on his YouTube video to the audience If Minecraft gets boring, I can just move on other things, but at that time he played with full enjoyment & devotion. In addition to Minecraft’s credit, the game has managed to build a brilliant interest so far this year through its newly updated versions that hold the whole world with great attention.

The Minecraft effect of PewDiePie is still real

PewDiePie & Minecraft both generating the new wave of subscribers with new up-gradation & effects in gameplay videos. In the last year, Pew Die has made around about 25 videos on the topic of Minecraft. Each video got the achievement of at least 10 million views. The figure of approximately 25 million views being cultivated into a topic. That shows the ripple effect of the search keyword of the Minecraft. Although Pew Die hits the 100 million subscribers due to Minecraft gameplays where the generation of small kids to young teenagers delivered the great appreciation of his work & became the members of PewDiePie’s group. After this massive success on YouTube, the Pew Die fame graph is affected by T-series & hence he believes to make a brilliant comeback with the addition of the latest effects in Minecraft & again with much appreciation proves that Minecraft effect of PewDiePie is still real & unbeatable.

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